Ed is the founder of the Hair Club for Men. And although that isn’t even remotely true, he is a very talented Vancouver based photographer. Unlike many professional photographers, Ed actually studied his profession. In fact he has an honors degree in the field from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. And also unlike many other professional photographers, Ed does not do weddings. Ed does architectural. Houses, hotels, libraries, foyers, barns and so on. Basically, if it has walls and there is no wedding in progress, it’s Ed’s specialty. Over the last ten years Ed has photographed projects locally and in the United States for many award-winning architects and interior designers. Ed has also worked with copywriters who have been known to take great pleasure in poking fun at him in his website bio. Speaking of which, this one is nearing the one thousand word mark. On this site and in what is generally considered to be worth more than one thousand words are pictures Ed has taken. Please take a moment to take a look at his work and when you are good and ready to chat, please don’t hesitate to call or email him.

t. 604.267.7547